8 Advantages Of A Friday Night Wedding

As you enter into your wedding planning journey the first stop is always the wedding date. We at Green Acres Event Center feel as though sometimes Friday’s are looked past too quickly, so we’ve created a list of the top ten reasons to get married on a Friday!

Here are 8 Advantages to Planning a Friday Wedding

  1. More Availability on Venues and Vendors enabling you to get your top picks that often book up quickly.
  2. Cost Savings as Fridays are usually less than Saturdays for the venue and many vendors.
  3. Potential Cost Savings for your Guests on airfare and hotel.
  4. More of a Reunion with Family and Friends as you would have all day Saturday to spend with loved ones.
  5. An extra bonus day to relax so you can decompress and destress before jetting off to your honeymoon.
  6. Rehearsals are easier as Restaurants are usually thrilled to have rehearsal dinners booked on Thursday vs. Friday.
  7. Ceremony/Reception starts later in the day for the most flattering lighting for wedding photos.
  8. Extend the Celebration with an “after party” and enjoy the long weekend.


Considerations & Tips For Planning Your Friday Wedding

  • May need to allow some extra time for rush hour traffic with a separate wedding site and many may have to rush with getting home from work then making it to your ceremony.
  • Video montage of your ceremony at the reception for those guests who were unable to attend the marriage ceremony. Ask your photographer in advance if they can accommodate with a simple DVD of various pictures of your wedding ceremony to be played after dinner near the cake or dessert table.
  • Save-the-dates will give your guests more planning time.
  • Ceremony at the reception site allows your guests the luxury of saving the travel between the church and hall. Dinner can then start earlier.

Updated 7/28/22