Why You Should Consider A Sunday Wedding

Sunday weddings are in style and have gotten a makeover.  Sunday events now go far beyond brunch and are more caviar than scrambled eggs, with all the elegance and beauty previously associated with Saturday night. Pull out all the stops with glamorous décor, lavish entertainment, and over-the-top cuisine.  Brides and grooms are saying “I do” to tying the knot on Sundays due to many benefits.

Extends the Celebration with a Wedding Weekend of Activities 

Scheduling the big day on a Sunday allows the couple to create a true destination wedding, enjoying an entire weekend of events with family and friends.  For traditionalists who want a rehearsal dinner or event before the wedding, a Sunday wedding allows this to happen on Saturday.  An alternative evening event or a rehearsal brunch saves money and gives guests an opportunity to enjoy the city. Especially coveted are Sundays on a long weekend, giving guests a leisurely day to travel home or simply unwind from the festivities.  With an extra day to enjoy, pre-nuptial events aren’t limited to a rehearsal dinner. In the Twin Cities, an incomparable blend of history, great shopping, culture, sports, and nightlife provides limitless opportunities to see the sights and celebrate.

More Time with Out-of-Town Guests 

For a typical Saturday wedding, your out-of-town guests will arrive late Friday evening. You’ll see them at the wedding and spend a short time with them before jetting off for your honeymoon. With a Sunday wedding, you have the majority of the weekend with your guests. For friends that you hadn’t seen in nearly a year, that time together is so worth it!


If you fall in love with a venue, but the only available dates are on Sundays, is that really a reason to forego the venue of your dreams? By choosing a Sunday, often you get the vendors, location, and season that you desire.


Sunday wedding dates are often discounted. Ask vendors if they offer Sunday discounts.  A bride told her fiancé “I’d rather have a beautiful Sunday wedding, than a shoestring budget wedding on Saturday.”

You Can End Early

The bride and groom loved every minute of their wedding day but were ready to start their honeymoon and married life.  By having a Sunday wedding, you can easily end earlier – whether it’s having a brunch wedding that ends at 5pm or even an evening wedding over by 10pm. Ending a little earlier than Fridays and Saturdays allows those guests that want to get home early without leaving the wedding early, to do so.

More Time for an After Party 

For most Friday and Saturday weddings, after parties don’t even begin until midnight or later. Sunday weddings will have some guests that want to go home, but the other guests – those that are staying in town overnight or those that are a little younger – can go to an after party at the hotel and still be in bed before 2am.

Natural Way to Trim Your Guest List 

Many feel it is much better to have the wedding of their dreams and fewer guests, than spending their budget on lots of people they may not know that well.  Those who really want to be there will be for you-regardless of the day.

Travel for your Guests

Most guests that will be traveling for your wedding will have to take off at least one day of work.  They’ll usually fly/drive out on Friday and leave to go back home on Sunday. By having a Sunday wedding, they’ll still be taking off only one day, they’ll just be switching – instead of Friday, they’ll take off Monday (and considering that most people hate Mondays, they might even enjoy having that day off!).  That way they can spend Friday night or Saturday traveling and still have plenty of time to unwind in your chosen location before the wedding.

Planning Your Sunday Wedding in Twin Cities

For a Twin City event center that will accommodate your Sunday wedding beautifully, contact Green Acres Event Center. We have everything you need to pull off the wedding of your dreams. From our gorgeous historical facilities to our fantastic vendor list, you can’t go wrong. So what are you waiting for?! Inquire with us online or over the phone at 952-942-5220 and we will help you to plan your perfect day.

Updated 7/28/22

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