Barn Wedding Venue Checklist

Barn weddings are the epitome of rustic chic, elegance, and charm. Curated nature-inspired details, exposed beams, and dancing enhance the vibe of a barn wedding.

However, while they offer a stunning backdrop full of charm and intimate romance, they can be tricky to plan. Barn weddings require a comprehensive wedding checklist to ensure that you have all of your bases covered. Here is a barn wedding checklist to get you started.


When planning a barn wedding in Eden Prairie, it is important to be realistic about the wedding budget. While barn weddings are beautiful and rustic, they can come with a unique set of challenges depending on the venue.

Unlike traditional venues, some barn venues offer limited facilities, while some may have additional restrictions. To help ensure you have allocated enough funds for your barn wedding, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is the rustic barn wedding venue licensed to host weddings?
  • What is included in the venue rental? Some barn venues provide the space only and not chairs, buffet tables, or other amenities. Before signing any agreements, be sure to determine exactly what you are getting in the rental to determine possible extra expenses.
  • How many guests does the venue hold? Will it be enough for your guest list?
  • Are there restrooms on-site, or will you need portable ones?
  • Is there running water on-site?
  • Does the venue have a built-in sound system, or will you need to rent one?
  • Is the lighting adequate, or will you need to rent generators?
  • Are there any additional fees such as wedding cake cutting, service charges, wedding flowers, taxes, wedding liability insurance, etc.?

It is important to be aware of the costs involved in the planning process so you can avoid any hidden expenses or surprises on the wedding day.


While barn weddings offer a rustic style and an intimate charm unmatched by other venue options, the weather is a critical factor to consider. While you can’t control Mother Nature, you can at least plan ahead. Since most barn venues are outdoors, it is crucial to plan for weather contingencies:

  • Is there an indoor option in case of rain? Some venues may have a covered area in case of inclement weather, so be sure to find out if there is room for your dance floor.
  • Is the barn rain-proof? Can it withstand any inclement weather conditions?
  • What do you need to bring for added protection against the elements? Canopies, umbrellas, and ponchos are just a few examples of what to consider.
  • Is the barn climate-controlled? Does it have enough air conditioning units or heating to accommodate the guests?

To reduce the effects of the elements on your outdoor ceremony, ensure you have a backup plan. For example, you could provide fans to beat the heat or provide wedding guests with warm blankets to prevent the chill.

Wedding Vendors

You will need a reliable and professional network of wedding vendors to pull off a successful and unforgettable barn wedding. Whether you need wedding planners, caterers, photographers, florists, videographers, etc., ensure you know who you need to hire and the barn venue requirements. To help you out:

  • Does the venue come with preferred vendors, and are you supposed to use them or hire your own?
  • Does the venue offer a wedding coordinator, or will you be required to hire one?
  • Does the venue come with an in-house DJ?
  • Are there any limitations on your vendors (e.g., catering restrictions, noise complaints, etc.)?

Make sure all of your wedding vendors are on the same page with you and the venue. This will help ensure a smooth day for everyone!

Green Acres Event Center – Your Perfect Barn Wedding Venue in Eden Prairie

Having a thorough and well-researched checklist will help you stay on track and budget when it comes to your barn wedding. We hope we have made this process a little easier for you with this checklist!

When hosting a rustic barn wedding, you want to partner with a trustworthy company that understands the demands of barn weddings and has a solid reputation to back it up. Green Acres Event Center in Eden Prairie is a reputable and established barn venue specializing in all types of events, including weddings. Pairing its historic elegance with modern amenities, Green Acres offers everything you need to have a gorgeous, budget-friendly, and successful wedding day. Our temperature-controlled barn with tables and Chiavari chairs, sound system, handicap accessible space, and on-site parking will all work together to keep additional costs to a minimum and your guests happy.

Our charmingly restored rustic barn, chandeliers, and breathtaking beams will add a romantic, timeless touch to your day. We are your ideal location if you are after a rustic wedding theme with a perfect blend of beauty, charm, and elegance. Contact us today to inquire more about our wedding package!


Photographer Credit: Bella Catura Studios

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