3 Reasons to Choose a Pet-Friendly Venue

If your dream party includes your fur babies (and why wouldn’t it?!), you’re in luck! There are now plenty of venues that allow animals to be part of the festivities. Whether you’re planning a fun, pet-friendly wedding or a birthday bash that you want your pet to be a part of, you’ll want to make sure that your venue can accommodate! Aside from your love for your furry friend, here are three reasons to choose a pet-friendly venue.

1. Novelty

Not every event includes man’s best friends, and having pets at your occasion makes it just that much more unique. Pets make things fun and lovable – so whether you want to bring your pup or your parakeet, you’ll be able to appeal to your guest’s playful side. Just make sure your venue knows ahead of time that you’ll be having pets at your party.

2. They’re Apart of the Family Too!

We all know that pets become part of the family, so why should they be left out of big family events? No matter if you want your dog to be your ring bearer or your cat to be at your moving away party as moral support, having a pet at your event completes the guest list.

3. Excitement

Want to make your party one that guests will never forget? Invite them to bring their beloved pets with them. Having a pet party is fun, exciting, and allows people to get out of the house without leaving Fido at home. Pet-friendly venues can help you to plan the best way to do this and make it an event to remember.

Include Pets in Your Next Event

Green Acres Event Center is the perfect place to throw your next pet-friendly event. With both indoor and outdoor event spaces and gorgeous scenery to boot, you won’t regret your venue choice when you go with Green Acres. Here at our venue, we strive for both a breathtaking location and unmatched service. That’s why our event center is the perfect place to throw events for pet lovers. We know that your pets are a big part of your life so we want to make them a part of ours. To book your pet-friendly event, give us a call or contact us online. We can’t wait to make your party dreams a reality.

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