2024 Barn Wedding Trends

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Barn wedding trends are on the rise in the US. The rustic style is a sought-after trend by most couples planning their weddings.

Barn weddings give a one-of-a-kind feel of romance and intimacy for a wedding or similar event. The barn’s historic architecture provides an elegant backdrop to give your wedding a unique edge. Generally, trends come and go but barn weddings are timeless. This post discusses the top barn wedding trends to expect in 2024 and incorporate into your special day.

  • Boho Barn Weddings

Boho barn weddings are a favorite among many modern brides. The look is fun and whimsical, featuring an eclectic atmosphere that genuinely allows your guests to enjoy themselves on the wedding day.

Most people choose this trend since it allows them to add modern, unique décor pieces. A barn wedding doesn’t automatically mean a traditional rustic theme. Adding modern, minimal boho centerpieces can give you a fresh revamp on barn décor. Your invitations can also lean between less traditional and less formal for the perfect boho vibe. Your color palette is wide open, from rustic earth tones to bright pops of colors. There are endless possibilities to create a unique look for your big day.

  • Country Barn Weddings

A country-style barn wedding offers a traditional look and feel to your wedding with modern touches. Expect rustic floral arrangements with wildflowers and plenty of greenery over white tablecloths. We set the perfect country backdrop at Green Acres Event Center with antique light fixtures, exposed beams, and old wood features.

  • Retro Barn Weddings

Think vintage meets modern. These retro barn weddings are one of the most common 2024 barn wedding trends among couples. The look provides a chic, urban vibe for your special day to give you long-lasting memories. Most people choose this wedding trend because of the bright colors, unique reception décor, and fun accessories. Antique furniture or even a vintage car can add a fun, nostalgic touch to your wedding.

  • Elegant Barn Weddings

Elegant barn weddings provide a romantic feel and outlook to your special event. The décor is simple, with draped table settings, floral arrangements, and candles. Here, you don’t need to worry about color schemes and decorations. White and ivory are common color choices, while floral arrangements should be soft and delicate.

This event type can be sophisticated, meaning you may want to customize everything from invitations to flavor choices to be in the classic styling of a black tie event.

  • Artistic Barn Weddings

Planning an artistic barn wedding is all about having a creative backdrop. At Green Acres Event Center, we ask you to be yourselves on the wedding day. For an added elegant feel, you can include abstract elements with color pops throughout the décor. Many couples choose this wedding theme since it provides endless possibilities when designing everything from invitations to decorations without being too stuffy or formal.

It is important to take time in planning this event to ensure you don’t leave anything out.

Barn Wedding Ideas

You can transform Green Acres Event Center to form your unique wedding idea and personal touches. However, if you feel overwhelmed in choosing from the 2024 barn wedding trends, below are some specific ideas to inspire you.


  • Add pops of color. Feel free to be creative with it. For example, if you’re planning a December wedding, why not center the theme around holiday colors while adding your personal touch?
  • Utilize the outdoors. Have an outdoor ceremony and let the guests enjoy the breathtaking backdrop and views of the barn.
  • Add romantic lighting by decorating with lanterns and/or candles.
  • Incorporate wooden DIY elements.

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