Where to Start With Wedding Planning

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Congratulations! You just got engaged. You’ve informed your loved ones of the big news and enjoyed the moment for a while.

But the reality of planning for the biggest day of your life is beginning to sink in. Where do you start? Choosing the vendors? Creating a guest list? Or setting a budget? Wedding planning can be overwhelming because of the enormous to-do list and many decisions to make.

You may already have some ideas regarding the type of wedding you’d like to host, but now you should take a step back and evaluate the most crucial steps in the wedding planning – no matter how long you’ve been engaged.

Establish Your Priorities and Expectations as a Couple

Every wedding is unique. You and your partner should identify each other’s priorities and expectations. Doing so establishes where you both stand to ensure you’re on the same page when making critical decisions later.

Will any cake do, or do you prefer a specific design? Who do you want to officiate your wedding? What theme do you want in the event? Will there be a religious ceremony? And so on…

Next, discuss how much you want to spend on the event. Having a budget upfront ensures you set expectations within your financial capability. The goal is to remain realistic and avoid overstraining your finances.

Set a Date and Book a Venue

Setting the date is the primary factor in booking a venue to exchange your vows. Some venues can be fully booked in advance for months or even a year. It’s best to book as early as possible to avoid the competition. Generally, your venue should provide the setting you want, accommodate everyone invited, and fit within the budget. Have a conversation with your partner if they are willing to be flexible with the date. Saturday’s book the fastest! Are you willing to look at Fridays or Sundays? We LOVE Friday & Sunday Weddings – check out our blogs on why you should consider them:

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Our suggestion? Pick the date first (& know if you’re willing to be flexible!), followed by the location.

When choosing the venue for a destination wedding, consider factors like holiday weekends, marathons, and festivals, as they can affect room availability in nearby hotels. Choose a place that can accommodate your entire guest list.

For couples who plan to tie the knot in the Twin Cities, Green Acres Event Center has everything you need to throw a memorable affair. Whether you decide to host your ceremony inside the historic structure or outside under the stars, we offer plenty of space for your guests to mingle and enjoy the festivities. And for those looking for a unique experience, the facility also provides trusted vendor partners for your catering services.

Hire Priority Wedding Vendors

Expectations, venue, and date—all set. Next, determine what part of your wedding will require a professional. Common wedding vendors include:

  • Food and Beverage Caterers
  • Bakeries
  • Wedding band jewelers
  • Videographers
  • DJ’s
  • Hair and makeup artists
  • Photographers

After establishing the right fit, you should book priority wedding vendors in advance. Their schedules can fill in quickly, and only a few may fit your unique needs. If you don’t book them upfront, your favorite band or photographer may be booked by someone else a few days before the wedding.

We also recommend searching for the bride’s dress and doing the fittings early because the whole process can be time-intensive. Additionally, hire a wedding coordinator if your budget allows it. This reduces the stress of planning a wedding. Ensure you pick a reliable planner that can handle last-minute details.

Stay in Communication with the Professionals

Communication is the pillar of great relationships with your wedding vendors. Share the details about your wedding to inform them how to customize their services to your needs. Regular communication also prevents last-minute surprises.

Whether it’s the wedding planner, coordinator, photographer, or videographer, tell them how you want them to serve you. The more information you provide, the better.

A Charmingly Rustic Venue for a Special Wedding

The day you say “I do” to your partner will be a once-in-a-lifetime moment, and you should

be surrounded by nature and history, making this an unforgettable setting for your big day. Green Acres Event Center’s historic barn wedding venue offers plenty of space for everyone to gather and make memories together. Whether you’re planning a romantic ceremony or a fun party, we look forward to helping you create an unforgettable experience!

Host the ceremony and reception on-site to reduce traveling. The barn is temperature-controlled to host your wedding anytime, summer or winter.

Contact us today for a tour and see how our venue will make your big day a lasting memory.


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