Reasons to Consider a Sunday Wedding

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Have you recently sparked your mind at the thought of Sunday weddings? Friday and Saturday weddings have been long-standing traditions since wedding celebrations came to be. However, Sundays might just be the best day of the week for a wedding!

But why a Sunday wedding? Find out below why you should host your wedding on a Sunday.

Say Yes to Sunday

While Fridays and Saturdays are still traditional days for weddings, subject to different factors, a Sunday wedding can be the highlight of your life. Here is why you should say yes to Sunday weddings.

Ability to Be Creative

Sunday weddings allow you to explore different options to stand out. You don’t have to follow the traditional timeline of a 4:00 PM ceremony followed by an evening reception. A Sunday wedding can allow room for creative ideas, such as a brunch wedding. Alternatively, you can follow up the ceremony with a happy hour after-party at your favorite local joint, among other ideas. A Sunday celebration allows you the freedom to think outside the box and personalize the day!


Your dream wedding venue may be booked on Friday and Saturday. However, choosing a Sunday wedding makes you more likely to get your desired location.

Scheduling a Sunday wedding provides you with more availability across vendors (caterers, photographers, etc.) to choose from. This way, you can hire the best in the business and not settle for the remaining ones.

Your Wedding Is A Whole Weekend Experience: More Time with Guests

Spending your big day with friends and family should be among your priorities. Unfortunately, a Saturday wedding means out-of-town guests will arrive late Friday and spend a limited time with you during the wedding before you head out for your honeymoon.

On the bright side, a Sunday wedding means you can spend a considerable chunk of the weekend with your guests. Organize activities to enjoy with your guests throughout the weekend.

The Gift of Potential Savings

Many wedding vendors and venues may offer discounts for Sunday weddings since Sundays are usually in less demand. You could save thousands of dollars between the venue and vendors willing to offer discounts on a Sunday.

Sunday Wedding Suggested Timeline

Timing is the major differentiating factor between Sunday and traditional Saturday weddings. Changing your timing accordingly for the wedding festivities and activities should be your top priority on your Sunday wedding etiquette list. Proper timing helps your guests plan their travel well. Check out some suggested timelines for your Sunday wedding.

Brunch Fête Timeline

A well-timed brunch-style wedding can give you, your fiancé, and your guests a lovely time to celebrate and make memories.

7:00 AM: Start Preparation
9:00 AM: First Look and Photos
11:00 AM: The Ceremony Begins
11:30 AM: Brunch Beverage Hour
12:30 PM: Brunch Reception
3:30 PM: Wedding Ends
4:30 PM: After-Party Celebrations

Afternoon Soirée Timeline

Here is an ideal timeline to host an afternoon Sunday wedding, combining the traditional timeline and non-conventional features.

9:00 AM: Start Preparations
11:00 AM: First Look and Photos
12:30 PM: The Ceremony Begins
1:00 PM: Cocktail Hour
2:00 PM: Brunch Reception
5:00 PM: Wedding Ends
5:30 PM: After-Party Celebrations

Cocktail Party Wedding Timeline

A cocktail party wedding reception tends to lean toward casual yet still fun. Here is how to plan one.

Noon: Start Preparation
3:30 PM: First Look and Photos
5:00 PM: The Ceremony Begins
5:30 PM: Cocktail Party-Style Reception
8:30 PM: Wedding Ends

So, is a Sunday Wedding Right For You? Speak with Green Acres Event Center Today

Green Acres Event Center is the perfect venue for your dream wedding in the Twin Cities area. We are highly flexible and can help you make your Sunday wedding dream a reality. With an outdoor ceremony spot under a canopy of trees or inside our temperature-controlled barn, you’ll have a picturesque wedding celebration to remember. Contact Green Acres Event Center to book your Sunday wedding or get a tour schedule to see the venue of your dreams!



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