Tips To Make The Most of Your Winter Wedding

Peak season for weddings tends to be between June and October, when the weather is warm and the leaves are green. However, this doesn’t mean that a winter wedding can’t also be absolutely stunning. There are fun ways to make a winter wedding just as beautiful as any other. Plus, some venues offer off-season pricing to make your winter wedding more affordable! Read on for a few ways to keep your guests warm and make the most out of a winter wedding.



Guest Comfort

Some guests may be more sensitive to the cold than others, so you want to plan for everyone’s comfort. There’s nothing worse than your guests cutting the night short and leaving early because they are too cold.

Send out your wedding invites early and include information about the weather and venue conditions. If your venue is not heated or you plan to have an outdoor ceremony, you will want your guests to dress appropriately and be prepared!

To help guests stay warm, you can incorporate fun winter accessories into your day by using cozy blankets or hand warmers during the ceremony. Matching fur shawls or color coordinated scarves are a fun way your bridesmaids can stay warm while complimenting their dresses. Plus, they make for a fun photo opportunity!



Food & Drinks

When planning an event, you want to keep the season in mind when selecting the food menu. Work with your caterer to choose items that are not only a great fit for your palate but that go well with the season. In the winter, you may want to choose hearty and comforting food for your guests. Think roasted chicken and braised beef, mashed potatoes, and pasta. These items are all served hot and will fuel guests for the dance floor.

Consider serving warm beverages for after dinner service. A hot cocoa and coffee station is a great idea to help keep guests warm throughout the evening and will keep both adults and kids happy.

For the bar, curate a couple signature cocktails that fit the season and will keep your guests warm from the inside out. A bourbon Old Fashioned and a spiced Mulled Wine are great options that just about anyone will love!

At Green Acres, you can take advantage of our s’mores package and have your guests roast marshmallows over the outdoor firepit to stay warm and have a little fun for dessert or a late-night snack! Check out our trusted catering partners for inspiration on creating your winter wedding menu.




To most easily avoid the issue altogether, choose a temperature-controlled venue where you can have both your ceremony and reception indoors. This will help in cutting down on needing the extra accessories and keep your guests comfortable all night long!

At Green Acres Event Center, our barn is temperature-controlled all year round so you don’t have to worry about the unbearable heat in the summer or the frigid temps in the winter no matter what! We can seamlessly transition our barn from hosting your ceremony to the reception so there’s no need for your guests to go outside and travel to another venue. Our decorative electric fireplaces inside our barn create a cozy atmosphere on both levels of our space. Green Acres also offers off-season pricing that makes winter an even more affordable and desirable time to tie the knot.

Contact us to learn more about how your winter wedding vision can come to life at Green Acres Event Center!


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