Corporate Event Planning Tips

Black tie galas, corporate fundraisers, networking brunches, and the like are all corporate events that require a lot of planning and preparation. Getting your event just right means that you will have to think outside the box while also staying within the parameters of your event objective. These types of events can often be seen as boring and undesirable; however, with the right execution, you can make your corporate event one to remember. Here are six ways to make the next event memorable.

Take It Out of the Office

Employees spend too much time in the office as it is. Choose a location that is exciting and different. If you are looking for an event center right near Minneapolis or St. Paul, try Green Acres. Green Acres is a barn event center that blends just the right amount of casual outdoorsy charm with modernized chic city style. Your corporate guests will love getting together at Green Acres, no matter the occasion.

Choose Effective Activities

Do not just go by the rulebook on this one. Research and identify what your team really needs and then plan activities that will bolster relationships and make for a fun day. Hire famous speakers, offer master classes, do cocktail hour…whatever works for the theme of the day, do it!

Pay It Forward

Your community is a big part of your success. Choose a philanthropic organization and make a service project or charity auction a part of your event. Both your business and your employees will benefit from giving back.

Don’t Skimp on Food

It is easy to look at the budget and scale back on food, but do not! Food is a great way to keep things rolling. Offer appropriate snacks, meals, and drinks as the day progresses so that you keep your guests satisfied.

Invite Family and Friends

Whether you have an all-day event that includes the family or just bring them for a meal during the event, your corporate event will be greatly improved in everyone’s eyes if you allow them to bring the ones they love the most.

Get into It

Do not just go halfway with your theme. If you have one, rock it! Decorate, get coordinating food, and invite guests to dress up. When you go all in, your employees will too.

No matter what type of event or theme you decide upon, Green Acres Event Center can help! Inquire today for more information on how we can help you make your next corporate event a hit.

Updated 3/20/2020

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