Dog Friendly Wedding Venues

Your fur baby is important to you. We totally get it! We feel the exact same way. At Green Acres Event Center, we love animals and want our clients to be able to share their special days with their pets. That is why we strive to make our event center completely pet-friendly. No matter if you want to share your day with your lovable lab or your sleepy ragdoll cat, we can make it happen for you. So if you are searching for the perfect Twin Cities event center to host your pet-friendly celebration, look no further than Green Acres.

Include Your Pets in the Event

Whether you are dreaming of having your sweet puppy as your fluffy ring bearer or flower girl or if you just want your best pal to be at your side at your 40th birthday, we make sure to accommodate your pets in every way possible. Your animal is free to stay for the entirety of your event! We know that pets are a vital part of many people’s lives, so we have made our event center the perfect place to have everybody you love under one roof! In addition to being pet-friendly, our event center is completely equipped with everything you need to have an event you will remember for the rest of your life. From our gorgeous scenery to our award-winning catering vendors and fully equipped AV lighting and accessible elevator, we have it all. Which makes it just that much easier to enjoy your special day with the people and animals you love.

Plan Your Next Event in Twin Cities

If you are searching for Twin Cities wedding venues and event venues that are pet-friendly, Green Acres Event Center is the perfect place for you. Our gorgeous restored barn is rustic while also being breathtakingly beautiful. From the gorgeous archways to our signature chandeliers, your guests (both 2- and 4-legged) are sure to be impressed. We know you want both a gorgeous event and a place your pets are welcome, so we have worked hard to give you everything you want and more. If you are ready to have a pet-friendly event to remember, contact us today online or over the phone at 952-942-5220 to book your event date! We cannot wait to help you create your dream event, pets included.

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