Outdoor Wedding Dos & Don’ts

Charming, rustic, and irresistible, an outdoor wedding checks all the boxes of a whirlwind romance. An outdoor ceremony gives you limitless options when choosing a wedding venue. You can have the nuptials on a beautiful sandy beach, a lovely garden in full bloom, a rustic barn, a theme park, anywhere.

While an outdoor wedding ceremony oozes fairytale-like vibes, it also makes your big day susceptible to the elements. An outdoor ambiance introduces a few novel factors to your wedding plans, but a seasoned wedding planner can help you weather them.

We’ve compiled an outdoor wedding checklist to help you make your wedding day a roaring success and ensure an excellent experience for your wedding guests.

DO: Consider the Weather

The season matters greatly when planning a wedding, and each season poses a different challenge. There’s an off chance of a downpour for spring and fall weddings in the late afternoon, making an overhead cover a necessity. Keeping your guests warm is a top priority during winter, but the priority changes during summer weddings.

Luckily, tents come in all shapes, sizes, and materials to fit your needs. Consult your local rental company to stylize the venue to suit your needs while enhancing sitting comfort. Even better – go with a venue with tables and chairs available for your special day.

Never forget to weatherproof your tents to suit the prevailing weather. Portable fans or air conditioning units can help in the sweltering summer months. Patio or propane heaters are ideal for keeping your wedding guests warm and toasty during the winter.

DO: Pile on the Charm

There are no hard and fast rules about your choice of furniture when holding a wedding outdoors. Working with an event designer can help liven up your seating arrangement with cushioned chairs or wooden benches. No matter what you choose, make sure it’s a comfortable selection of furniture. You could even opt for couches, lounge, or plush chairs to create a lounge area for your guests.

Give your dining area an intimate look and feel by opting for smaller tables and having about four guests per table. Ensure there’s a natural flow between the spaces to let your guests mingle freely and find their way around. Spruce up the tent with decorative ribbons, potted flowers, drape fabrics that match your wedding colors. The ultimate goal is to give your space a warm and inviting vibe and have your guests enjoy themselves immensely.

DON’T: Forget the Lighting

There’s more to ideal lighting than illumination, and nothing makes this abundantly clear than an outdoor wedding venue. The proper selection of lights helps set the mood while giving the reception venue a warm, classy feel. Have a certified electrician help you with the setup to get the best lighting for photos and set the scene.

Besides making every effort to avoid safety and fire hazards, a trained professional can help you go the whole nine yards. You can go full out and harness the lighting power of pin spot lighting, paper lanterns, string lights, and more. You can even install chandeliers or use bespoke bistro lighting to give your dance floor a magic feel.

You can light up the pathways for additional charm after dark and help your guest get around while minimizing tripping incidents. Draping tea lights on tree branches is a must-have during a garden wedding.

DO: Inform your Guests Beforehand

It’s only natural for people to dress to the nines when attending a wedding. Informing your guests that you’re having an outdoor event helps them plan accordingly. It allows them to pick the right outfit for the season.

Consider your favorite aunt. She could turn up wearing tall stilettos only to have her sinking in the grass the entire time. Advance warning is also essential if you decide to set a dress code. It ensures that your guests turn up in thematically correct outfits to give your outdoor wedding a classy feel. It also keeps everyone photogenic, so your wedding photos are beautiful for years to come.

Plan the Perfect Outdoor Wedding

Ready to plan the perfect outdoor wedding in Minnesota? Don’t let inclement weather stand between you and your dream wedding. Warm and wet summers? No problem. Freezing, snowy, and windy winter? We can handle them too!

At Green Acres, we can have everything you need to plan your dream wedding across the four seasons and all weather conditions. We have a beautiful outdoor ceremony space under a canopy of trees for good weather days. We also have our indoor reception space that can be easily transformed into your backup ceremony spot. We have hosted many wedding ceremonies and receptions both outdoors and indoors. We have years of experience making both our spaces perfect for your special day.  Contact us today to speak with our team of wedding professionals.

Photographer Credit: Films for You Co.