What is the Average Wedding Venue Cost?

When it comes to planning for the big day, there is nothing more important than getting a good idea of what the venue will cost. The venue plays a critical role in dictating an overall wedding budget. Different types of venues can range in price point. Proper research is essential in the wedding venue selection process. Keep reading to find out more about the factors that contribute to the average cost of a wedding venue so you can be prepared to ask critical questions when choosing a location for your special day!

How Much Does a Wedding Reception Venue Cost?

Many couples choose to have separate reception and ceremony locations. The venue for the wedding ceremony is typically cheaper than the wedding reception venue. The reception is typically longer than the ceremony, so the amount of time you will be spending in the reception location should be taken into consideration. The average wedding venue is typically the area of the nuptial budget that couples will allocate a bigger portion of their funds towards.

Do you save money by having your ceremony and reception in the same venue?

It’s possible to save money by hosting the ceremony in the same location as the wedding reception. In some cases, there is the potential to get a better rate for an extended amount of time. Using the same venue will also decrease the cost of rentals, such as chairs, which can be used for both ceremony and reception. Earn bonus savings if your venue provides tables and chairs in the rental of the space. It can also cut down on other ancillary costs, including transportation to and from the wedding ceremony. Not to mention, this is a much more convenient feature for your guests, which is priceless!

What Impacts a Wedding Venue’s Prices?

On-Peak vs. Off-Peak Season

If you are planning a wedding in peak season (think June or September), the cost of the venue may be higher. If the venue is located in a popular destination at a certain time of the year, you may end up paying a premium for “on-peak” timing. Consider the season of the wedding when approaching the venue with your date. It may be beneficial for your budget to consider the timing of your nuptials if booking a specific venue is your chief concern.

Do wedding reception venue prices include rentals, like tables and chairs?

It is also important to note whether or not the price of the venue is inclusive or exclusive of rentals like tables and chairs. You may pay the on-site fee for reserving the space for some venues and incur additional charges like booking a catering company or a rental company for the chairs, tables, and other furnishings. All-inclusive venues are able to accommodate many of the items that may cost extra or have to be brought in for an event held at a non-inclusive space.

What Questions Should You Ask Your Wedding Venue Before Booking?

  • Parking: Inquiring about parking is important, especially if guests will be driving to the event. You may have to pay additionally for a lot or valet service.
  • Taxes and fees: There are a number of fees that can bump up the cost of the venue; from cutting the cake to the corkage costs, you may incur charges that are outside of just the space rental. You can inquire with the rental or event coordinator to find out more about these additional taxes and fees.
  • Outside vendor fee: There are many vendors who work directly with venues and have done so for many years. Many venues have distinct lists or approved vendor lists. You may incur additional fees if you choose to work with vendors outside of these lists.

The Wedding Reception: What’s the Bottom Line?

The wedding venue can make up a good portion of a wedding budget. It’s important to consider not only the cost of the space but the incidentals. When you host your wedding at Green Acres Event Center, in addition to our gorgeous, historic space, we have many of the additional amenities that you would pay extra for elsewhere. From onsite parking to the inclusion of tables and chairs, Green Acres Event has been helping clients in Eden Prairie achieve both the wedding ceremony and reception of their dreams. Contact us with any questions regarding our modern, elegant, convenient space to host your special day!