4 Corporate Fundraising Event Ideas


A successful fundraiser has two main ingredients: guests who are enjoying themselves and some method for generating money for charity. You can get creative with the type of event or go with something classic; your guests will enjoy themselves, even more, knowing that they are getting together for a good cause. Here are a few fun and successful Minnesota event ideas for raising money for your favorite charity.

Hold a Dance-Off Competition

Dance-offs are a time-honored tradition in the fundraising world, with guests trying to last the entire night on the dance floor. Try making it a themed dance-off for even more fun, like a Western square dance. If you do go with a fun theme, think about how to choose a venue that will fit the bill. For example, the Green Acres Event Center is an incredible restored historic barn that would be the perfect setting for your guests to kick up their cowboy boot-clad heels. Guests can collect sponsor donations, such as $10 for every hour danced, or you can sell $1 song requests.

Put Together a Silent Auction

Just about everyone has attended a silent auction, and it can be a simple way for corporate events to raise a significant amount of money. Try to collect a wide variety of auction prizes in terms of interests and price points. Some attractive prizes include tickets for unique experiences, sports and movie memorabilia and home services.

Cater a Simple but Delicious Dinner

Sometimes, keeping it simple is the trick. Put together a nice dinner at a fun venue and sell tickets for guests and their families. Be sure to check out your venue’s catering menu and ask if they help with the set-up and décor. Enjoying the company of your friends and family while raising money for a good cause makes for an enjoyable time in-and-of-itself.

Host a Talent Competition

If you know your guests are a brave bunch, put together a talent show for some good-spirited competition. Friends and family of employees can purchase tickets, and you can give away humorous award titles like “Most Likely to Be the Topic of Monday Conversation.”

Regardless of the type of event you plan, your ultimate focus should be helping the charity or cause your organization has chosen to connect with. Other details like the menu, décor, and set-up can be supported by an excellent venue team like the one at Green Acres Event Center. With plenty of experience and a passion for helping fundraising events succeed, our team can help you make your corporate fundraiser a smashing success.

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